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College Coaches: Is She A Head Case?

I want to take a moment to tell you about the recruitment process. It's hard work. It doesn't just happen.

First, make sure your grades are in order. This question about grades is the first question coaches will ask. The higher your grades, the more interest coaches will show toward you.

Next, make a list of colleges that you want to attend. Research the colleges to ensure they have your educational and career interest. Do not go to college to play volleyball; that is a mistake. Go to earn a degree and prepare for your career goals.

Review the roster and see how many people for the positions you want to play. Find out about the program and coaches as much as you can to make an informed decision.

Find out if your skillset matches the level of play required for the division of interests. Be objective. Ask people you respect for an honest evaluation of your abilities.

You will need to know personal physical information like your approach jump, blocking jump, standing reach, and wingspan. You need to know your time in the 5-10-5 drill. Have a record of your split times too.

College coaches want to know about your character, discipline, personality, and work ethic. They are making a psychological evaluation to see how well you fit into their program.

Athletes write the story their club and high school coach what they will tell college coaches about them. I will never lie for an athlete to get them a position.

Here's a sample of one of my responses to coaches.

"Coach ***, since you

are asking about Amanda*, if the devil and Amanda were in a competitive fight, it's about the only time I'd have sympathy for the devil. She can be that competitive. See you in Vegas if not before."

Coaches response: "Hah! I love it! That's exactly the type we love. Have a Merry Christmas, and I'll see you in Vegas. Hopefully before, but definitely in Vegas."

Another response: "Every day in our practice is Match Point for her. Will we get the point? I know this: to get the point I'd trust Glenda* to make the play every time."

The coaches will ask about your practice habits. Are you mentally tough? How do you handle school and demanding practices? Do you get along with teammates? Are you willing to play where needed? Can you play where it will help the team? They will want to know about your interdependence with your parent(s).

The questions above are a general list of questions college coaches will ask. You are writing the responses to these questions each practice.

I am confident that we will help you reach your college goals after your experience with NU Breed.

*Not their names.

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