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Coach, I Have Something To Tell You

Coach, I need to tell you something. She stood frozen to the ball cart. Her hands squeezing the cart leaving her hands pale. Her eyes now floated in tears. I knew this was important.  Here's the conversation.

Athlete: Coach, I need to tell you something.

Coach Job: what's up?

Her voice broke as she said.

Athlete: I never had confidence. (tears falling). I started coming here, and now I believe in myself. I never had confidence, but now I do.

I reminded her that it was because she has been working hard to build her skill.

Coach Job: Confidence builds as we get better. You have worked hard to improve your skills. It's you, kid, not me. You have done the hard work.

This is the heart of Pipeline-NU Breed coaches to see athletes improve their skills and grow in confidence.

We live these stories all the time with Nu Breed Volleyball. There no greater joy than to see an athlete walk in confidence.

I wasn't crying, she was.

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