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Club Season_Update 5/12/20

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is in good health and ready to phase in a new reality. Creating a new reality resembles putting together a puzzle rather than a problem to be solved. Puzzle-thinking best describes how the SCVA works to fit pieces together concerning the design of this club season. The club season is active. SCVA wants to host the mandatory and So. Cal Championships tournaments with some roster allowance, as I communicated in a previous newsletter. In short, clubs may add players from within their club as needed to fill team rosters. The dates for these tournaments are unknown at this time. It is a fluid situation with different parties involved as it relates to fiscal choices. The decision for refunds is premature as the season is postponed and not canceled. NU Breed will update you promptly as changes occur. NU Breed will continue to provide online training circuits for our athletes during this isolation period. Although voluntary, we recommend them to build strength and cardiovascular endurance. I will join a meeting with SCVA Assistant Director, Shannon Davenport, on Wednesday, May 13, at 10:00 AM. The purpose is to discuss the status of everything. I will relay any relevant information from the meeting promptly. NU Breed continues to work toward creating a positive experience for our athletes and parents and hold integrity at all levels. We ask for your patience as this puzzle design forms. We appreciate you and continue to pray for your good health.

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