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Clean, Healthy, And Less Risk

Hi, Coach Job, with NU Breed Volleyball, and I want to discuss two important topics.

First, we make your daughter's health our priority. Pipeline-NU Breed will take steps to reduce health risks.

We created the Stay Clean, Stay Healthy program to limit the spread of illnesses.

NU Breed will clean the equipment and practice area after use.

Our athletes will stay clean with good personal hygiene habits. The athletes will be asked to bring sanitizer for use during practice and competition. We used a Stay Clean, Stay Healthy approach during private training with no athletes getting sick.

The athletes will be asked to use face covering when entering and leaving practice. We will practice with face coverings to start the season. There are designated entrance and exit routes for use at McDermont X.

We will stagger our water breaks to maintain physical distancing. Athletes must bring their water to drink and not share.

Each athlete will have their temperature check before practice. 98.6° is our target, but we know human temperature vary.

Please stay home if you feel sick or have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 virus. Please let your coach know that you will not be at practice because you feel ill. This is important.

Although we cannot guarantee your athlete will not get sick, we will make an effort to reduce that risk.

The second topic I want to speak about is limiting the financial risk for you.

First, NU Breed will pay as we play. We are committed to playing the entire tournament season as before. There will be no changes to your tuition payment schedule. However, NU Breed will approve a payment withdrawal from our account when the event is confirmed. This gives us more control of the monies, and your risk is less.

This is a new arrangement made between club directors and SCVA. AAU does require a minimum non-refundable deposit.

NU Breed will take care of the deposit for the large tournament events like Las Vegas, Reno, and Long Beach. Once again, NU Breed will pay as we play. NU Breed is assuming the initial risk and not you as a parent. You will submit your payment, as noted in the financial agreement. NU Breed is committed to helping limit your financial risk.

Also, the fiscal agreement with our staff is being restructured to reflect a month by month contract.

Our refund policy will be for services rendered less fixed costs, such as uniforms and facilities, from the point of closure beyond our control such acts of God or government orders.

Thank you for listening to the changes we made to reduce your daughter's and your's health and financial risk.

Come join the Tribe, where your daughter's health is our priority, and her success is our purpose.

We want to see you at our NU Breed Tryouts, September 26, 2020. Visit our website to register. Go now!

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