• Coach Job

Character And Competence

There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, and organization on earth. Its absence will destroy these same groups. When it is an active ingredient in these groups, it will have a positive influence on their future. The one thing that can change anything is TRUST! Trust is equally character and competence. Character deals with integrity, motives, and your intention towards people. Competence refers to skills, capacity, and life results. Character is constant, while competence is situational. Let me illustrate. Imagine Coach Chan breaks a leg that requires surgery. Even though she may trust me, she would not ask me to perform the surgery because I don't have the competency. I am not a trained doctor. During this physical distancing time, your character will drive competency. You will not always be motivated, so you will need to be disciplined to do your training. Competency will be the level of excellence you want to achieve in your skills. Leverage this time away from the court to build your character and competence, which leads to trust. People will trust you because you'll be able to deliver results. See you on the court soon, ready or not. Coach Job

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