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A Father of 669 Children

Sir Nickolas Winton is a father of 669 children. Each of those children was a choice. Let me explain. In 1938 he gave up a skiing trip to Switzerland to travel to Chechoslovakia ti work with Jewish Refugee children. With the war, looming families were frantic to get their children out of the country.

He and his associates faced enormous odds and obstacles and risks they pressed forward. Through an underground railroad, they rescued 669 children and placing them in homes in England. It's a fantastic story written in a chaotic moment in history.

Sir Winston's story would have never been known had it not been for his wife finding a notebook with the list of all the names of the children he helps rescue. Watch the video for a more detailed retelling of the story. Its a moving and compelling story worth retelling.

All of us want to know that our lives mattered, we have a purpose, are worthy and valuable because of who we are. Our values fuel the fire we need to live our story we want to tell, and we long for our story to be worth retelling.

The choices we make today determine the story we tell tomorrow. Each choice reveals what we believe, think, and value. Our lives are speaking. Our lives will always show the truth. Are we living the story we want others to retell? Our lives over time will tell.

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