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Challenges, Changes, And Choices

We are in a season of incredible challenge, change, and choice.

Some challenges are self-imposed, but others are placed upon us. Regardless of how they arrive at our doorstep, they demand attention.

Change is part of the human experience. It's woven into the fabric of all that exists. We are subject to life cycles.

On the other hand, the power of choice is in our control. We can choose how to respond to challenges and changes forced on us.

Our future is shaped by the choices we make today. You want a better tomorrow, make better choices today.

What we eat today will be the health we have tomorrow. The books we read today will be the knowledge we have tomorrow. How we treat people today will be the relationships we share tomorrow.

My point is a better tomorrow begins with the choices we make today.

NU Breed is the right choice for a volleyball club. Our values drive our choices. 

We value family. At NU Breed, we are many people but one Tribe.

We value integrity. We want to do things right. The greatest reward is a clear conscience and a calm mind.

We value communication. We want to listen more as well as keeping you informed. It is the basis for happy and healthy relationships.

NU Breed is a local club, and we answer email, phone calls, and text promptly. Support locally owned businesses.

At NU Breed, we want to be known as a Tribe that lives by faith, known for our love, and is a voice of hope.

Smart choices today lead to better results tomorrow.

If you share these values, we invite you to choose NU Breed as your daughter's volleyball club.

Oh yea, we will make your daughter a fantastic volleyball player too.

We will see you at Tryouts.

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