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In volleyball, specific individuals stand out as exceptional athletes and inspiring leaders. One remarkable figure is Coach Maddy Gates, a former standout volleyball athlete at Reedley High School and NU BREED VOLLEYBALL alums. Currently a Senior at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Coach Maddy has recently achieved a remarkable feat as her team clinched the Heart of America Conference Volleyball Championship. Now, with her wealth of experience and passion for the sport, Coach Maddy will take on the role of Head Coach for the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team, continuing to make a positive impact on young athletes.

A Journey of Excellence:

Coach Maddy Gates' journey in volleyball began during her time at Reedley High School, where she quickly established herself as a standout athlete. Her exceptional skills, dedication, and relentless work ethic set her apart from her peers. Maddy's performances on the court earned her accolades and honors, leaving a lasting impact on the Reedley High School volleyball program.

Continuing her volleyball career at Mount Mercy University, Coach Maddy's passion for the sport has only grown stronger. As a Senior, she contributed to her team's championship in the Heart of America Conference. This achievement not only showcases Maddy's exceptional talent but also highlights her ability to unite and inspire her teammates toward a common goal.

From Athlete to Mentor:

Coach Maddy Gates' success on the volleyball court has not only translated into personal achievements but has also fueled her desire to give back to the sport she loves. Her dedication to NU BREED VOLLEYBALL, both as a former player and now as a coach, exemplifies her commitment to nurturing young talent and shaping the next generation of athletes.

As the newly appointed Head Coach of the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team, Coach Maddy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide aspiring athletes. Her time-tested strategies, combined with her unwavering support and mentorship, will undoubtedly help the team reach new heights. Under Coach Maddy's leadership, the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team can look forward to building a solid foundation of skills, teamwork, and a winning mentality.

Inspiring Future Champions:

Coach Maddy Gates' journey from a standout athlete to a respected coach serves as an inspiration for young athletes aspiring to excel in volleyball. Her passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the sport have been instrumental in her success and will undoubtedly inspire those under her guidance.

As Coach Maddy takes on the responsibility of leading the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team, her impact will extend beyond the court. Through her leadership and mentorship, she will instill important life lessons such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork in her players. Coach Maddy's ability to connect with her athletes and foster a positive and nurturing environment will shape not only their volleyball skills but also their character and personal growth.


Coach Maddy Gates' remarkable journey from a standout athlete to a respected coach is a testament to her determination, passion, and dedication. As she takes on the role of Head Coach for the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team, her experience, and leadership will continue to inspire and guide young athletes toward excellence. With Coach Maddy at the helm, the NU BREED VOLLEYBALL-NORTH team will undoubtedly flourish, leaving a lasting impact on the sport of volleyball and the lives of the players fortunate enough to be mentored by her.

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