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Can You Spare Some Change?

Scientists teach that dinosaurs once ruled the land and had massive muscular bodies. Do you know why we don't see any dinosaurs today? They did not adapt to a changing environment. They are proof that neither the strongest beast nor the smartest survive, but it is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Humans are some of the weakest species on the planet, yet we rule it. Look around, and you see human influence is seen everywhere. There is not a place on earth that humans cannot change, survive, and thrive. One of our greatest assets of people is the ability to adapt.

Our physical bodies show evidence that we adapt naturally. Look t our pigmentation and physical features, which experts tell us changed because of climate.

We rule earth because we adapt and are creative. Think about how many people have started small home-based businesses to meet the needs of a changing society. It's impressive. Our workforce has moved to homes, and it may never return to pre-COVID patterns. They saw the hidden opportunity in this pandemic to earn money, attend a demand, and help people stay healthy.

COCID-19 has forced a change in our social, cultural, political, and business environment, and the ones who survive and have success are the ones who adapt.

NU Breed understands this life principle and makes changes to meet the new future of Junior Girls Volleyball, which has arrived.

We will work to deliver excellence with integrity at all levels of our club. We model what we teach our athletes, be someone ready for anything.

There is still a long runway in 2020, but I know we will succeed as a people because I'm betting long on our strength to adapt. Let's not let the future bothers us. We will meet it with weapons of reason, adaptation, and innovation that helped us conquer past challenges.

This is where you come in.

Life gives you two options: adapt or capitulate? In a world lost in the chaos, I want to ask you to join NU Breed and lead by example and show others the power we have to choose the right choice despite what is happening around us. Let's make junior girls club volleyball the best season ever.

Take the next step and register for the Signup Tryouts on our website.

We were born for such a time as this! Let our lives tell our story.

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