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NU Breed Tribe,

This email is a crucial call to action to a relief effort that to help youth sports volleyball affected by the COVID-19 closure. The movement is entitled "Raise Your Voice." Please listen to the video and take a few minutes to make your voice through some action. Your actions will make a difference.

Thank you,

Coach Job

Shannon Davenport

2:54 PM (1 hour ago)

to Info, Ann, Karynn, Donna, Brian, Mel

To All Club Directors,

Below you will find some information that was shared with the SCVA by one of our club directors.

There is a piece of Legislation going to Nancy Pelosi's office today. Here is a short zoom explaining what it is about. It would be great to get the link out to members today.

Zoom Meeting -

Play Sports Coalition Website with button to "Raise Your Voice"

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