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Burn The Ships

This is all I have. I have no other options.

Have you ever had those moments where vague life events made sense?

I remember talking with my dad about going to college. He told me he knew nothing about college because he had a second-grade education. He would help me when he could.

In my dorm room, I was hungry and had no money. My college classes were challenging, and I felt the weight of life heavy on my shoulders.

I wanted to quit.

Everyone has had those feelings. How you answer that feeling tells you what you value. I valued a better future.

I remember thinking this is all I have. I have to make this work to better my life.

Recently I was thinking about how blessed I was to have one option. The poor souls that have many options, I thought. If one option didn't work, they had a backup plan.

Sometimes we believe that limited options make life hard, but they can make life simple. You can pour all your energies and resources into one chance to get the life you want.

It's not unlike the explorer Hernan Cortez who burned the ships in the harbor and sent the message to 600 men; there's no turning back; you have one option.

This mindset is part of the NU Breed DNA. When we started, we had one option. We never want to lose that mindset when we commit to doing something; we burn the ships behinds us. We move as if it's our only option.

I had one option.

I had plan A.

I had it easy.

It's the Way of NU Breed, the rumor of something good.

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