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Bumps, Bruises, And Painful Legs Days

This warrior began her volleyball story in sixth grade. She learned the fundamentals of the sport and, in time, mastered the skills. She flowed on the court with explosive power.

Once a college coach inquired about her status and was shocked to learn, she was in eighth grade. She played against seventeen and eighteen-year-old athletes at fourteen.

Writing her story was not easy. She attended early morning workouts at 5 AM, then went to school and went to volleyball practice later. There were many bumps, bruises, and painful leg day workouts. She walked into the gym strong and crawled out stronger.

Did I mention she earned a 4.o grade point average?

This athlete played on the Varsity team as a freshman and was an all-around player.

It is her story, so I will let her tell it in her VOICE.

It is her story, her VOICE.

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