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Be The Hero in Your Story

Be the hero is in your life movie. Imagine your life is a film, and every event and conversation leads to a heroic moment. We know that every scene, no matter how chaotic, points to something good.

Every interaction would have a higher purpose. Each scene in your life is leading somewhere and building your story character. Your perspective about talking with someone changes because they grow toward something more significant. They set the tone and mood of your story. Each scene establishes vital details of your character, time, place, and they build interest. Every obstacle is a learning moment or stepping stone to something bigger and better.

Then. It happens.

Every movie has inciting moments that hook the audience, and the hero is called to an adventure. It's that crucial scene where the story switches from chaos to a plot twist. So your life does too.

It creates a sense of urgency., tension, or constraint, which leads to something that needs to be solved. A solution discovered. Its the point in the story where there is no return.

Treating your life as a movie, and you're the hero has some benefits. Life becomes a reality of being experienced full of beautiful, magical moments. It's a fantastic way to fulfill your potential, and you always want it to turn out well.

2020 is the perfect page upon which to write one the best stories that were ever written, your life's story. You're the hero, and because of you, everything turns out well.

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