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Apple Does Works For NU Breed

I mentioned in a previous article that Apple was secretly working for NU Breed. Let me explain.

Apple is a leading influencer and seller in the iPhone market. In 2019 Apple sold 80 million iPhones and projects to sell over 100 million in 2020. Apple has advised its supply chain that Apple is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for the 5G iPhones released in September 2020. Apple didn't say, "we are in the middle of a pandemic; let's play it safe." No, they did their research and worked on new unique products that everyone wants. Apple envisions good days ahead.

They have always thought this way.

After 911, and the US in a financial crisis, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, fearlessly released new Apple products on time. His actions gave hope to people that there were better days ahead.

NU Breed-Pipeline doesn't have a research and analytic department to make market projections, but we can read and observe. Publishing their marketing analysis is how Apple works for NU Breed-Pipeline; we benefit from their research department. If Apple believes there are better days ahead, so does NU Breed-Pipeline.

You may hear coaches tell players, "anticipate, move your feet, go to where the ball is going to be, don't just stand in play." Similarly, as a club, we need to define what's coming next. I see better days for junior girls volleyball.

Some of you might be thinking, Coach Job, you write this because you only want people to play for Pipeline-NU Breed. NO! Dead wrong. My dream is crazier and bigger than that. I see better days.

I want to push the world of junior girls volleyball forward into a better space. The risk of being called crazy, stargazer, foolish, or misfit to pursue my dream is acceptable to me. It's the crazy ones that changed the world.

I am convinced that G-d will take me somewhere else when my dreams are too big for this world.

I see better days for Pipeline-NU Breed Volleyball, where our actions will be bigger than our promises.

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