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Alex said, "You Put Out The Flames But Not The Heat."

My friend and NU Breed parent and local hero, Alex Rodriguez, taught me about fire. I told him about having a fire in a pit at my house and putting water on the fire until the flames were gone. But by morning, the wood left in the firepit had turned to ashes.

What he told me next blew my mind. He said, "you put out the flames but not the heat. There was still heat in the wood, and it reignited." I never knew that was possible, but now I do.

The water we doused on the fire put out the flames but not the heat. I did not see the fire's potential from the heat was still in the wood. Only a trained firefighter would know this truth.

When the wind blew over the heat, the flame reappeared that turns wood into ashes. Interestingly, the wind has no texture, color, or visible shape, but we can feel its effects. The wind has the power to change the landscape, knock down houses, or ability to hold an airplane full of people in flight. We cannot see wind, but we can see its power.

As coaches, we need to train ourselves to fan the heat of an athlete's potential. The fire in an athlete's life is the evidence of a heat source inside.

We need to fan the love of their dreams deep within each athlete. That when the morning comes, the fire within has transformed what was into something different.

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