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Addict, Seven-Year-Old, And Hustle

It's time to leave your comfort zone! Eric Thomas delivers a powerful motivational speech on getting after your goals and taking control of your life once and for all.

Success is not easy. If you want it, you got to get it. No one is going to hand it to you for free.

Listen to this video and let it be fuel for your fire of desire and achievement that burns deep within you.

Now is the time to press forward into your future. Step up, step out, and step into your future. This chaotic the best time to move on because so many others make excuses to stay in place.

I was hanging around a young warrior who is ALL-AROUND Pee Wee Champion. She's seven years old, and she's hustling more than you.

Let me asking you a question? Do you ever look at an addict and think only about how they wasted their potential. Let me tell you that they got more drive than you do.

I never heard a junkie get up in the morning and say, "I'm not feeling it today. I'm not hustling to get my fix."

NO, they get up, and their minds set; they will hustle to satisfy their carvings.

Don't let a seven-year-old or an addict have more hustle than you.

There I said it!

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