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AAU To Re-Start Volleyball

AAU To Re-Start AAU Event Programming in Select Areas Starting May 1st

First phase of re-opening AAU events will apply only to certain areas where it is considered safe to do so; strict requirements must be met before any events can be held.

The COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") pandemic has irrevocably changed the way we live and work. We have adjusted to a new normal by proactively social distancing and practicing good sanitizing habits to help curb the spread of the virus. Business has adjusted as well -- dine-in restaurants have shifted to delivery service, schools have switched to online classes, grocery stores have installed plastic shield guards at check-out stations. All these safeguards have been put in place to not only protect the health and well-being of those patronizing their businesses but also to allow these businesses to stay open, in some capacity, so they can continue to serve their customers and employ their workers. There are encouraging signs that the most intensive phase of the battle against the virus is succeeding and relaxed social distancing measures will be possible when combined with reasonable mitigation strategies. Select states have begun to look at re-opening segments of their local economies as long as appropriate containment plans are in place and it is considered safe to do so. As these local & state offices, along with the federal government, begin to roll out their plans to re-open the economy in phases, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) looks to do the same thing. Since 1888, the AAU has hosted events for amateur athletes across the United States. A national organization, the AAU is comprised of 55 District Offices modeled closely on the U.S. 50 states. Following recent federal guidelines for opening up the economy, and taking note of select states enacting such measures in their areas, the AAU looks to follow suit.

As of May 1st, the AAU will begin to evaluate lifting the temporary suspension of AAU events (in place since March 12th) in certain areas of the country. This first phase of re-opening AAU event programming will only apply to select locales where and when it has been deemed safe to do so. And, strict requirements must be met before AAU event programming can restart.

REQUIREMENTS In order to resume AAU event programming in a particular area of the country, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Federal Guidelines - Adhere to any federal guidelines for re-opening (click here)  

  2. CDC Recommendations - Follow CDC recommendations when hosting events (click here)

  3. State, County and Local Municipality Regulations - Abide by state, county, and local municipality requirements (please consult with state, county, and municipality officials or info listed at state, county, and municipality websites)

  4. Facility/Venue Protocols - Follow all protocols for the venue by consulting with facility management team.

  5. AAU District and National Sport Committee Requirements – Follow the event license agreement (click here).  For events already licensed with AAU,  the event operator will need to notify the AAU of plans to host, cancel or postpone the event by clicking here.  The AAU national office will notify district and national sport committees respectively.  To license a new event, click here.

News continues to update daily on the status of the pandemic and these safety measures are subject to change. Throughout our country's history, sports has always played a major role in our recovery efforts after global crisis and economic downturns.  We are aware there will be some who disagree with us. As a country and as a society, we need to reframe our new reality and get back to people working, people interacting and people playing sports wherever possible and safe to do so. We know this will not happen overnight nor will we go back to the way things used to be. The roll out will be in segments and will come over time.

Stay safe, be well and remember We Are AAU.

Dr. Roger J. Goudy, President & CEO  ​Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

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