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A Popeye Moment

There were six players on a court, and five of them decide to go for the ball. Which of the six got the ball?

Neither of them, because deciding is not action. Good intentions or deciding to do something be our best but how many are willing to act? Without action, nothing happens, nothing changes.

With the stormy times we are experiencing, I know that makes us want to hunker down and hope for better days. Hope is not a strategy; action is the key to almost every challenge.

You want to gain victory over this epidemic and come out better after this pandemic? Take action.

If we want to thrive in the next year, we need to adapt to new normals. Life is reorganizing itself before us. The new wealth is attitude and action, not aptitude.

Its time to get on the offensive and disrupt the effects of this pandemic. I'm referring to having a Popeye experience. If you remember the old cartoon character that becomes fed up with events around him, he would say, "that's all I can stanz; I can't stanz no more!" He would swallow a can of spinach and gain super strength and took action to neutralize the challenge.

If you're waiting for the courage to act, it will never happen. Courage follows action. That's the way life works.

Our attitude needs to be, we make a difference, make a mess but do something. Take action. Do something, don't wait. Opportunities come with an expiration date.

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