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A Mother's Wisdom

Life is like a box of crayons and blank paper. You get what you color.

She was buried in a simple grave in Texas. The little girl died of illness and lacked proper medical care.

The mom prayed that God would heal her or take her life. Only a mother's love understands that prayer, and not long after, life faded from her baby's eyes.

No mother ever plans on burying one of her children. It's not how life is supposed to work. Children bury their elderly parents after a long good life; that's how life works.

This mom buried love in a simple grave.

She was back in the field cultivating crops the following week, not only in reality but also metaphorically. She was a strong woman.

I never heard my mom complain or ask, "why me?" She pressed forward in life. My mom loved the rest of her children unconditionally.

Life isn't fair. The lesson my mom taught us. Rain falls on the good and evil. She would say, "life isnt fair but what are you going to do about?"

All of us have different life challenges.

On April 7, 1987, I took the most challenging exam in my life. My Queen stepped into eternity, and life left me with a broken heart. I returned to the fields the next day to harvest citrus.

Recently, our athletes painted pots for their moms. We provided paint and pots and told them to create what they wanted.

This art project is a lot like life. We get to paint and colors, and we are free to paint the life we want. We get to decide how we will paint our inner world, and those choices create our entire world.

We have been given this life with our abilities and opportunities to grow. If we want a better life than the one we have, it's up to us to paint it the way we want.

Your life is what you paint of it. The problems and challenges are the paint you are given to color your world. Mix the colors any way you want to paint a beautiful life.

I have a new pond in the backyard—a sprinkler broken sprinkler.

"I know, mom, life isn't fair. I won't complain; I'll press forward."

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