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A Letter To Our Parents

At NU Breed Volleyball, we continue to press forward, providing the best training possible. Our priority is your athlete's health, and their growth is our purpose. Our Stay Clean, Stay Healthy protocol is in place.

We are still practicing outside and adjusting to the weather.

As a club, we continue to look for a location such as a pull barn to set up nets for practice. It will be outside but on a hard surface.

Following is the text Janá sent to the parents. We want to send it out again to make sure everyone receives the information. We do not think we can over-communicate.


We will be continuing practice as usual. We encourage masks and keeping a distance when possible. Sanitize every water break, before and after practice—no sharing water or sanitizer. Please make sure every player brings their own.

We are making small adjustments to help.

If they are feeling sick or have been around someone who tested positive, please keep them home.

If you do not feel comfortable sending your athlete to practice or feel like we can improve our safety, please reach out to me directly to discuss ways to improve.

SCVA (This applies to our 17"s and 18's teams) has stated that they will continue to play.

Also, just a heads up, they MIGHT turn the friendly into a mandatory but will not know till CIF announces high school in January. As soon as we know, we will tell you.

Thank you again for being flexible, and we all are just making our way through this jungle one step at a time!


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