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18'sTournament News (Tentative)

The 18's Tournament is on Saturday, October 31, 2020, and hosted by Clava Sports Facility. The address is 26923 Fuerte Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Athletes bring a current photo identification card with you. You will not be allowed to play without it.

Face coverings are required while in the facility and during play. People with asthma can wear a face shield.

Have your hand sanitizer, water, and snacks in your bag.

We stay together as a team, not with parents, family, or friends. The captains will decide an area to be as a team. Take lawn chairs as we must exit the building when we are not playing or needed courtside.

Each athlete is responsible for doing scorekeeping, call lines, referee, or libero tracking. A duty list will be available at the tournament.

Everybody will clean up our court area to peruse conditions and do not leave until dismissed.

Let's have a great week of practice and prepare to have fun competing this weekend.

We will play fast and look to score every play. Teams will have difficulty playing at our speed.

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