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17's Tournament Schedule 10/25/20

Here is the schedule for the 17's tournament for the weekend of 10/28/20. We are at Ladera Sports Center. Janá may send out additional information about this weekend, so be watchful. There may be some minor changes that NU Breed does not control, but we will promptly send it to you.

Just a reminder that the team members stay together as Coach Hailey and Coach Michael instruct them. We practice as a team, play as a team, and we hang out as a team.

As a reminder, NU Breed volleyball does not promise playtime to athletes. The Coaches determine the playing time by what athletes do in practice. The player will know what they need to do to get more playing time. Please ask your athlete first what they need to do to earn more playing time. NU Breed policy does not allow for coaches to have court time conversations with parents.

I believe life is a carefully crafted curriculum to teach us how to become a better version of ourselves. God is a master teacher.

I want to congratulate us all on taking the lessons of life and bolding taking steps into our future.

We are family. We are NU Breed.

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